Veteran walking from Minnesota to Jacksonville to raise money for Wounded Warriors

A Minnesota veteran is walking 1,200 miles from Minnesota to Jacksonville for fellow veterans that need help when they return home— and he is doing this all while pulling his oxygen tank.

Jerry Meadows fulfilled a childhood dream by joining the Airforce in 1975, and now he is raising money for the Wounded Warriors Project with his walk.

He will average about 12 miles per day with his tank in the winter, but he will not be alone— his wife will follow along behind him in a van.

“I think he’s nuts..that’s just my opinion. When he told me about it, I said you got to be kidding,” said Jerry’s wife, Virginia Meadows.

Jerry says he is doing this because he wants to inspire others with disabilities.

“I want this to be an inspiration to anybody who that’s suffering any type of disability. And that message would be its really not a full disability until you admit that it is,” said Jerry.

The couple hopes to arrive in Jacksonville in September or October.

If you would like to help support Jerry on his walk you can find a link to his donation page for the Wounded Warriors Project here.

Writer:Lincoln Saunders
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