Collier County road signs remind drivers to follow road rules in real time

No valentine today?

Collier County Sheriff’s Office says, “No problem.” Your seat belt will hold you.

Collier deputies are known for using message boards and speed radar monitors to grab drivers’ attentions.

“That’s a great one,” Jim Donoghue said.

There are also examples of signs that warn drivers of hefty speeding fines.

We looked at whether these efforts to improve driver safety on the road are effective.

The reason CCSO planted a Valentine’s Day warning sign on the road is because there is a good chance a lot of drivers will see it.

And drivers we spoke to said there’s a good chance the realistic and really funny message might save lives: Valentine’s Day messages to drivers, to passengers, from Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

“No valentine. Oh, that’s depressing,” Valerie Steiner said. “Oh, that’s funny.”

Moms such as Steiner told us she’s a fan of anyway life-saving messages can be delivered to drivers on the road.

“Seat belts are important,” Steiner said. “We have lots of little ones, so seat belts are important.”

Donoghue explained anything that sparks some emotion, like a sense of humor, goes a lot further than a simple reminder.

Steiner believes the roadway warnings planted along streets help drivers to remember to follow the road rules.

“Absolutely. Why? Because I don’t want a ticket,” Steiner said. “I’ve never had one. It’s definitely a deterrent.”

Experts say the signs prove to be effective.

If you ask the experts — they say yes — these signs really work. They say drivers who see they’re going too fast in real time slow down. The reason is because it’s instant personal feedback.

Other drivers agree the friendly reminders serve a positive purpose along our roads.

“Oh, my gosh, the more signs the better,” Amanda Ivanelli said. “I feel like the more we put it in front of people, the more and better reminders that we have.”

Reporter:Anika Henanger
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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