Staying quarantined in Bonita Springs after returning from China

A Bonita Springs woman and her mother are now staying at home after returning from China. Coronavirus is their big concern and the pair are doing a volunteer quarantine for two weeks.

Emily Glazier is a first-year English professor at the University of South China. The university is in the Hunan province, which is a few hours south of Wuhan — the epicenter of the Coronavirus.

Last month, Glazier’s mom joined her for a tour of Vietnam at the start of the Coronavirus outbreak. Glazier told WGCU Radio at the train stations, at the airport, even at hotels it was someone’s job to take the temperatures of people.

“When we got back to Hengyang, which is the city that I live in,” Glazier said, “that’s where they took our temperature.”

Glazier said the Hunan province is almost like a ghost town. Mostly everything is closed and the University of South China has shut down until further notice.

“We pretty much stayed in my apartment for that entire week that she was supposed to be in China,” Glazier said, “because most people were staying in their homes.”

After that long week, Glazier decided to go home with her mom to Bonita Springs. They booked last-minute train rides and flights. Finally, they made it to the Airport in Newark last week.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials handed them a pamphlet, asking Glazier and her mother to quarantine themselves for the next two weeks.

“We haven’t gone to church recently or gone to any place that has large crowds, but mostly because the flu is also going around,” Glazier said. “So we don’t want to catch the flu because if we get a fever or something, then we have to go to the hospital because we could technically have the coronavirus.”

When it comes to testing for coronavirus in Florida, the test kits sent here may not work. According to the Miami Herald, the CDC said the tests are giving inconclusive results or none at all.

Federal officials are working to get the test kits remade so it will work. Right now, the state is sending the tests to the CDC’s Atlanta lab, which can take up to five days to get the results.

Reporter:Dannielle Garcia
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