Friends search relentlessly in Lee County for their dog; 49 days later, a sweet surprise

Flyers, newspaper ads and social media campaigns. After 49 days of anxiety, of fear, of hoping and praying and doing everything possible to find Blake, their Scottish terrier, their prayers were answered.

Rob Boston and Michael Mortimer brought Blake with them to Lehigh to visit family over Christmas. Hours after arriving, Blake got loose. They looked and looked but could not find him. Then, they had to return home to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Until I sort of knew something for sure that he….wasn’t alive anymore I just had to keep looking,” Rob said through tears. “I mean, I got people…to the go fund me…and I haven’t a clue who they even are.”

The pair used money from GoFundMe to hire a pet trapper. Forty-nine days went by and they could not find Blake, until enough tips led them to a wooded area. It was enough to bring Rob back down to Florida.

Rob and the dog trapper waited for a while. Then, suddenly, they saw Blake! Blake walked right out of the woods and right up to the dog trap.

As soon as they had Blake, they FaceTime Michael. Tears of relief were flowing down their faces. Michael has cerebral palsy and Blake is almost always at his side.

“Well the short message is…never give up,” Rob said. “You can never stop trying…You can never stop working the plan.”

But, before Rob and Blake headed home to Michael, there was a tearful goodbye with the pet trapper and a quick trip to the groomer.

An incredible story of survival, persistence and unconditional love.

Reporter:Sydney Persing
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