Victim’s dad: Man who killed 8-year-old in hit-and-run crash to be sentenced next week

Logan Hetherington, the man who authorities said killed Layla Aiken at her Cape Coral bus stop in a 2019 hit-and-run crash, will have his case closed by next week, the victim’s dad told WINK News.

According to Layla’s family, Hetherington has waived his jury trial. On Tuesday, victim impact statements will be read at the Lee County Courthouse. The judge is expected to impose a custodial sentence. Hetherington’s lawyer did not respond for comment.

Layla, 8, died after she was hit by a vehicle while waiting for her school bus on March 25, 2019. That truck was traced back to ABC Supply Co. where Hetherington, 19, works.

Logan Tyler Hetherington, 19

According to the unredacted arrest report, DNA evidence from the exterior of Hetherington’s vehicle where there was damage, linked the truck to Layla. The height of the damage was also consistent to where she was sitting on the ground.

Text messages between Hetherington and his girlfriend show that he was aware he and his vehicle were suspect in the incident as early at 9 a.m. the day of the crash.

The report goes on to say Hetherington texted his girlfriend after the crash saying, “Baby, I looked on the news and it’s the road we’re (sic) I take the back way”, “It was the back street road I took this morning”, and “I’m going to f*****g jail.”

Layla’s death sparked a movement for better bus stops and street lighting for kids. That also included demanding bus safety measures of local government officials.

The family is grateful for the outpouring of support and action taken to save more children in the future.

Reporter:Brooke Shafer
Justin Kase
Writer:Michael Mora
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