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Collier County motel involved in a $100M lawsuit says they didn’t turn a blind eye to sex trafficking

The owners of a Collier County motel say their security system proves they did not turn a blind eye to sex trafficking on their property.

They say they have cameras on every room and call 911 right away if they see something.

They’re upset that they are one of 22 hotels named in a lawsuit.

Two sex trafficking victims claim two men drugged them, abused them and then used them for sex.

The suit says the hotels should have known this was happening and done something about it.

Most of the people who run the hotels named in the $100 million lawsuit do not want to say anything about the ugly allegations.

The big-name companies like Hilton and Wyndham said they can’t comment on specifics, but “condemn” human trafficking and all kinds of slavery.

The rest, for the most part, offered a “no comment.”

However, we did find one owner who wanted to go on camera. She said the lawsuit breaks her heart and could break her business.

Geraldine and Roberto Conty run a “holistic and healthy living company.” They wanted to talk to us despite the lawsuit’s claims that “Conty’s Motel has demonstrated willful blindness to the rampant culture of sex trafficking.”

“I am a woman,” Geraldine said. “Imagine if I see one lady is just not okay, I take care because we do healing.”

She gave us a tour of the motel and showed us her security system. The Contys say they have video surveillance that shows every single room, so they know exactly when someone is doing something they shouldn’t.

In fact, Geraldine said she gave clearance to Collier deputies to enter any room at their disposal.

“Any time you are suspicious, enter the room immediately,” she said she told them.

Geraldine is adamant no sex trafficking took place at her small motel.

So, what evidence do the attorneys who filed the lawsuit say they have to the contrary?

They said they have 911 calls, EMS reports and other evidence against the 22 hotels as a whole. They did not give us anything specific about the Contys’ motel.

That is what has the Contys all fired up; they fear just being associated with this kind of lawsuit may kill their business.

Reporter:Morgan Rynor
Writer:Briana Harvath
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