Lawmakers look to increase fines for speeding past pulled over school buses

We’ve all seen incidents where drivers fly past stopped school buses putting kids in danger, but today lawmakers will look at significantly increasing the punishments for drivers caught doing it.

Florida Highway Patrol says this is a huge problem and it is reflected in the numbers. FHP says in 2018, there were 204 tickets given out in Lee County for passing school buses.

If the bill goes into effect, fines would be doubled for drivers who fail to stop for school buses.

It would also increase the amount of time a driver’s license will be suspended for repeat offenders.

People we spoke to were unsure if drivers would actually follow this, but said any law to protect kids is always a step in the right direction.

“I think it’s terrible, these little kids are innocent… You should get double to triple the fines or throw them in jail…it’s ridiculous,” said Fort Myers resident, Diane Polaceck.

Right now, the moving violation for this in Lee County is $165. This new bill, if passed would tack on an extra $100.

Reporter:Nicole Lauren
Writer:Lincoln Saunders
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