Safeguard your devices on National Data Privacy Day

It is not exactly a holiday, but it is an important day. On Tuesday, it is National Data Privacy Day!

The unofficial holiday is as important as ever as your data is collected all day. It can be from your smartphone, social media, credit cards and computer surfing. A lot of that data is being sold. Each transaction, where you go, even tapping on your smartphone or moving your mouse, it is all recorded and sold.

Tuesday is the time to protect yourself. The website, Stay Safe Online, breaks down how to do that. For parents, you probably want to take a look at the devices your kids use and update those privacy settings. Stay Safe Online shows you how to do that, depending on what type of phone you use.

If you shop online, there are tips to clamp down on your data going out of your smartphone. If you have a Gmail account, there is a quick tutorial on how to make sure your data is private. Taking these actions can “help create a culture of privacy.”


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Reporter:Rich Kolko
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