Generic or name-brand? We put some popular cereals to the test to help you decide

Generic or name-brand?

One can save you money, but which one tastes better?

WINK News’ Consumer Reporter Allison Gormly is helping you Make Ends Meet by putting cereal to the test.

Buying name-brand is a family tradition for some.

One woman said her family buys name-brand because it’s what her mom always bought as a kid.

But if breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you want to make the most of it. So we compared Kellog’s “Raisin Bran” to Walmart’s “Crunchy Raisin Bran”; Kellog’s “Fruit Loops” to Target’s “Far Out Fruities”; and Posts’ “Honey Bunches of Oats” to Walmart’s “Crunchy Honey Oats.”

In the battle of the brans, the generic was the clear winner. People we talked to said they were sweeter and crunchier than its name-brand alternative. “Oh my gosh, my mom’s been wrong this whole time,” one woman said.

And then, there’s the Shafer family, where mom Danielle almost exclusively buys generic.

“I used to be brand specific, but I don’t care anymore,” she said.

So it’s no surprise that she went with Target’s “Far Out Fruities” over “Fruit Loops.”

But it was still “Fruit Loops” that pulled ahead by one vote. The deciding factor: how fruity you like your loops. One person said one brand was more like citrus rather than fruity.

When it came to the honey bunches, the crowd went with the generic brand, shocking Kathy Bridge-Lilies who typically buys name-brand.

“I voted across the board generic,” she said. “I think I will buy differently.”

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