FHP still searching for driver who hit and killed 63-year-old woman on McGregor Blvd

Florida Highway Patrol is working around the clock to find the driver who hit and killed Kate Johnson while she was walking her dog, Diva, in Iona in south Fort Myers Wednesday night and took off.

State troopers revealed new information Thursday about the car they are searching for. FHP says it was a light-colored Nissan that hit Johnson and her dog, and the driver left them to die along McGregor Boulevard at the intersection with Water Lane.

Troopers told us, when they get to a crime scene, there is a specific process they go through to make sure they gather all the evidence, especially in death cases.

They secure the scene, hear from witnesses and forensically map the area, so they can recreate the crash later on. And, sometimes they even take clothes from victims to see if there is forensic evidence left behind.

“It’s unconscionable,” FHP Lt. Greg Bueno said. “It’s on the top threshold of our pet peeve. It’s one thing that we certainly do everything possible to prevent. We will again methodically search as hard as we can until we locate that person in that vehicle.”

Johnson’s boyfriend says he is still trying to grasp the situation of what happened, and he had a very strong message for the driver.

“You know it’s horrible. You know obviously you hit something, whether it be a coconut, an animal or a human being. You know you’ve hit something. It’s wrecked numerous lives,” Phish Ross said.

Friends of Johnson and Diva are leaving a line of cards to honor the two at her pet grooming shop in Fort Myers.

“A lot of support and kind words, thoughts,” Ross said. “It’s been wonderful.”

Gregory Tomlinson, a friend and former client of Johnson, also expressed his deep sadness of her death.

“I was shocked that something like this would happen in Iona,” Tomlinson said. “And then, when we found out it was Katie, we were just blown away, one of our own friends.”

Anyone with information about the hit-and-run can call FHP or SWFL Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-8477.

As FHP continues working to find the driver responsible for Johnson and Diva’s deaths, her family is working to fulfill her last wishes.

“The world and the community is going to miss her,” Ross said. “She wanted to be spread with all of her dogs.”

Reporter:Breana Ross
Nicole Lauren
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