Fort Myers family launches support group for others dealing with diabetes

Nicole Lacasse is inspired by “warriors” like her son Kasen, 11, who lives every day managing their Type 1 Diabetes.

“What these warriors do, what they go through every day of their life, it’s amazing to see,” Lacasse said.

She said when her son was diagnosed with the chronic condition in November of 2018, her family didn’t know where to turn for information or support.

“When he was diagnosed, we didn’t have any knowledge about it at all,” Lacasse said.

This week, the Lacasse family launched “Type Zero Foundation Fort Myers” to spread diabetes awareness and create a local support group for families like theirs. Their group is a branch of Christina Martin’s Orlando-based non-profit providing resources for people with Type 1 Diabetes.

“One of the most valuable things that we are looking forward to offering the Fort Myers community is a place of everyday support,” Martin said.

Michael Wills wanted to help the Lacasse family raise awareness and funds for their cause, so he offered to host an event for them this week at his Sports Clips off of Six Mile Cypress in Fort Myers.

“With it being such a rare disease as well, just raising awareness in the community because I know it’s something I had to learn about myself,” Wills said.

From Friday until Sunday, Wills will give half of every haircut cost to the Lacasse family and their cause.

One of the family’s goals is to bring a special service dog to Fort Myers that is trained to recognize when someone’s insulin levels are low and alert them.

Reporter:Melinda Lee
Writer:Briana Harvath
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