SWFL students visit Washington to watch the impeachment proceedings

The impeachment of President Donald Trump is proving to be a history teaching tool. All-day, people watched as the Senate begins to decide if he should be removed from office. A group of Southwest Florida students are in the room, watching as senators make their arguments.

A big moment in history plastered across millions of TVs. But Emmie Spiller is watching the impeachment trial of President Trump in person.

“It feels crazy,” Spiller said, “which is very interesting because you are actually able to cut the tension in the room.”

Spiller is part of a group of teenagers visiting Washington, D.C., with the Community Forum Foundation. When the group found out they would be in Washington when the trial started, they decided to go.

“Being educated about what’s going on in the world and around us and in our political system,” Spiller said, “means a lot.”

Now, Spiller, 14 years old, is witnessing history and loving every moment. WINK News talked with her on Facetime before Wednesday’s opening statements got underway. She said it is fascinating.

Local activist, Anthony Thomas, is one of the chaperones on the trip. He told us seeing what they have seen is worth the two-hour wait.

“These young people have been doing such a fabulous job,” Thomas said. “Not only sitting in these hearings or watching the proceedings but just knowing about the process.”

“I’ve definitely learned that the process isn’t as smooth as it seems on TV,” Spiller said.

Reporter:Dannielle Garcia
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