Brush fire burns an acre of land in Tice

A brush fire burned about an acre of land in Tice Wednesday morning before fire crews were able to put the flames out.

The Tice Fire Department responded to the fire along Staley Road when winds mixed with low humidity levels were able to spark a small brush fire into a blaze.

Tice Fire Department says no one was hurt and no structures were burned by the fire. As of now there are no determinations on what caused the flame to start.

As the investigation continues, Florida Forest Service is telling neighbors to be cautious at this time of year.

“Same as with hurricane season, check around your property. If you have gutters around your home, any debris in there, little bits of twigs get those cleaned out. Pinestraw on your roof— get that down, get some help if you need to,” said Melinda Avni, Mitigation Specialist at Florida Forest Service.

FFS says this fire marks the fifth one this year, which is a decrease from the amount of fires we saw this time last year.

They are also warning residents not to burn yard debris at this time, given the conditions.


Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Lincoln Saunders
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