Witnesses report gunfight at south Fort Myers apartments

A gunfight broke out at an apartment complex over the weekend. We spoke to a woman who lives there, and she said she’s moving. Neighbors are worried a shooter is still on the loose after a fray of bullets swarmed near their homes.

Sunday, Lee County deputies say what was likely a targeted shooting took place at The Fountains at Forestwood Apartments in south Fort Myers.

The complex west of US-41 is where neighbors say they could see bullets flying through the air, as they watched from their patios.

One man told Lee County deputies he saw two cars pull up next to each other, and, all of a sudden, it erupted into a midday shootout. People in two cars were firing at one other.

The cars took off in opposite directions, one toward US-41 and another toward Summerlin Road. Later, deputies responded to a gunshot victim who showed up at Gulf Coast Medical Center. The injured victim’s car was towed away by deputies for evidence.

Neighbor Tina Holland said this type of activity is happening too often, and she wants to leave her home.

“I hear gunshots all the time. It’s time to move,” Holland said. “It is they have the gated communities here. But half the time, the gates don’t work. When they get struck by lightning, they don’t work. And, honestly, if somebody wants in, they’re getting in. A gated community is not going to stop you.”

Some witnesses told deputies this shooting happened outside the gates of Forestwood. But that didn’t stop bullets from flying toward families’ homes.

Deputies say the injured victim is expected to live.

Reporter:Anika Henanger
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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