Florida attorney general launches website alerting you to scams

Scammers love Florida. In fact, Florida tops the list for the number of fraud reports made to the Federal Trade Commission. A new state tool will help you protect yourself from these types of situations.

The Florida Office of the Attorney General recently launched a website to help Floridians learn about the top scams targeting the state.

The website helps you spot odometer scams, tech support scams and more.

Others include how to avoid utility scams: That’s when someone calls you up, claiming you owe money, or your power will be shut off.

Tip: If you get a phone call like that, hang up.

Find the correct number on the back of your utility bill, and call them up directly to find out if there’s an issue.

For more information and to start learning about scams in the state, visit the “Consumer Alert” website.

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Reporter:Allison Gormly
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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