‘Woofstock’ event benefits shelter animals in Southwest Florida

Published: January 12, 2020 7:12 PM EST
Updated: January 12, 2020 8:01 PM EST

A Southwest Florida event celebrates beloved pets, especially those that have faced adversity our world. We met one dog and owner who had an especially sweet experience being around others for the joyous occasion.

Baby, the dog, and her owner, Louisa Cilento, attended “Woofstock,” a Human Society of Naples benefit to support shelter animals, Sunday.

“She was with a breeder at an Amish puppy mill,” Cilento said. “So she had it rough. She had no human contact.”

The nonprofit says it work is integral from Collier throughout the region.

“We did more than 2,500 adoptions last year,” said John Foererster with Humane Society. “DAS does a ton of adoptions, Lee County, tons of adoptions up there, so adoptions are a really big part of our community.”

“Woofstock” proceeds were collected through ticket fees and money from vendors at the event that supported the cause. In its seventh year, all “Woofstock proceeds” will be used to help provide care, compassion and a second chance for over 3,000 pets annnually.

Among vendors was Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida, rescuing dogs sold in the meat market of North Korea.

“It’s counterintuitive to those of us who love dogs,” said Dennis Guyitt with Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida. “The dogs that are left behind go to the Humane Society, rescues. They need families, and they’re wonderful, wonderful dogs.”

All dog owners at the event would likely agree their pups are family.

“She’s everything to me,” Cilento said. “We do everything together. She’s my best friend.”

Blank was happy to lend support to the cause.

“I just can’t. I don’t know how I lived without her for as long as I did,” Charlene DeLuca said.