UPS delivery worker forces his way into a Fort Myers woman’s home

A Fort Myers mother, who WINK News is not identifying, said what should have been a simple delivery drop off turned frightening. The woman said her kids were home when a UPS worker pushed his way inside her home.

“He handed me two packages,” she said, “and as he did so, he pressed his way into my home past the doorway and sat them on a bench next to my door.”

The victim said the packages were not hers and once inside, she claimed the delivery man – “he was quite pushy and insistent” – begged to use her bathroom. So she let him, with the hope he would leave afterward.

“Instead of exiting, I waved him off he proceeded to enter deeper into my home, kind of look around and he made a comment about my appearance,” she said. “That I was so beautiful or something. Like that nature, before insisting on shaking my hand before he left.”

The victim said the encounter made her uncomfortable, so she filed a report with the Fort Myers Police Dept. Then, she posted about it on Facebook and learned other women claimed to have experienced the same encounter.

The woman also complained to UPS. A spokesperson confirmed that the company fired that worker. The spokesperson also said it does not tolerate inappropriate behavior. Delivery personnel are not supposed to enter people’s homes unless someone requests that a package be left inside.

The victim’s advice to people when a delivery arrives is to keep any potential trouble outside the house.

“They have the right to deny access to their home,” she said. “Absolutely. And not even open the door.”

Reporter:Breana Ross
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