Seawall repairman wants help from Cape Coral to do jobs efficiently

With more homes lining canals in Southwest Florida’s largest city, it’s a sign of continued growth in our region. And with that growth comes a need to restore crucial infrastructure, including seawalls in place to protect neighbor’s homes.

A seawall repair company approached the City of Cape Coral to offer their services to complete its jobs more efficiently.

When Jimmy Williamson, the vice president of WB Williamson Bros. Marine Construction, has no place for his crew and their equipment or materials, they have to bring in a barge, which spikes the price for a seawall repair.

Williamson said he’s asked Cape Coral to designate city-owned, waterfront properties as staging areas. He even spoke up about the increasing cost he’s passing along to customers at a recent city council meeting.

Williamson said his company is willing to help construct a staging area and will pay the city every time they use the property.

“It takes a view from the water to really assess the damage,” Williamson said.

Willamson warns one more natural weather event could do damage to homes along seawalls in Cape Coral.

“It’s only going to take one more good tropical storm with enough rain to break that camel’s back and have a whole another wave of seawall replacements,” Williamson said.

Since Hurricane Irma, Williamson told us business is booming, with hundreds of seawalls damaged and even more deteriorating from old age.

The city told us staff members are evaluating all city-owned properties with waterfront access to determine what can be done to keep seawall repairs simple for those building and for those paying the price in Cape Coral.

But Williamson also said the cost is skyrocketing because there are few places left to stage his equipment and materials.

“Whatever is going to help the homeowner keep the price down as much as possible and to fix the seawalls help the property and keep the value of the property,” said neighbor Kirk Freis, while Williamson’s crew was working on his property.”

Reporter:Breana Ross
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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