Byron Donalds announces bid for outgoing Congressman Francis Rooney’s seat

In a campaign video, Republican District 80 Florida State House Rep., Byron Donalds, announced he is running for outgoing U.S. Congressman Francis Rooney’s seat.

Byron is one of eight Republican candidates to announce candidacy for Florida’s U.S. 19th Congressional District.

He’s also one of three sitting state Representatives in the area running, along with Dane Eagle and Heather Fitzenhagen.

In his video announcement, Byron said “I’m everything the fake news media tells you doesn’t exist. A strong Trump-supporting, gun-owning, liberty-loving, pro-life, politically incorrect black man.”

He added that he “will stand with the President against these impeachment radicals.” in the video asking for your vote.

Donalds is open about his criminal history, saying, “As a young man I was arrested for drug possession and theft.”

Donalds tells WINK News that the experience of growing up with a single mom is what makes him the best candidate to take Francis Rooney’s seat.

He said he’s an advocate and a champion for school choice, “That’s because I know first hand from my own life that if a child, no matter who they are, has access to a world-class education the sky is the limit for them.”

Donalds said he’s a unique candidate for a couple more reasons.
First: “I don’t fit the narrative. I’m the person that doesn’t uphold the national media’s view that republicans are old white and racist.”

And second:

“Whether you’re talking about the Second Amendment, or you’re talking about abortion issues, immigration, standing and supporting our president, I’m the most conservative person in this race.”

Donalds invites voters to look at his voting history and support of the president, adding that “The impeachment has been a witch hunt.”

One Democrat, David Holden, is also running for the seat.

In the primaries, Donalds also faces Fort Myers Mayor Randy Henderson, former Minnesota state Rep. Dan Severson, Naples physician William Figlesthaler, former NYC Mayoral candidate Darren Dione Aquino, and FOX News commentator Ford O’Connell.

Donalds said, “It’s going to be a strong race, let the best man or woman win… But to my opponents, I’m the most conservative candidate in this race and they know that.”

Reporter:Morgan Rynor
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