Buckingham neighbors demand explanation for unfinished road projects

People in Buckingham have been driving with potholes, scattered dirt and uneven roads for months. Now, they are demanding an explanation.

Timm Smith said he no longer drives down Knowlton St. because of holes covering the road. He said his car has already seen damages.

“The bearings in my wife’s car have to be replaced from bottoming out on that,” Smith said.

Neighbors tell WINK News the county dug up a road to lay down drainage pipes. But instead of repaving the road, the county patched up the holes with dirt.

“They put them in sporadically and said they would be back in a few months,” Smith said. “Nobody ever came back.”

Now, six months later, Joann Koenig said they had waited long enough.

“I even stopped driving that way because it’s just so frustrating and so I started taking another route,” she said, “and then everybody starts taking another route.”

Koenig lives on nearby Jonathan Ave and calls the growing number of potholes a significant problem.

“They come through the development and you see them working, you see them working on the potholes, you get excited oh they’re finally going to fill it, they’re finally going to at least just fill the potholes,” Koenig said. “No.”

Several people we spoke with said they complained to the county without any success. What is even more frustrating, they said workers paved nearby Jessica St. a year ago.

We reached out t the county about the neighbors’ concerns. They said the work is part of a three-year project and they plan to repave within the year.

“There’s definitely a priority list,” Smith said. “And we’re not on it.”

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
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