Should Florida politicians be able to allocate your campaign donations to childcare?

Experts predict a significant amount of women will run for public office this year but they have no one to watch their children while campaigning. While those running for federal offices can use donations to cover child care costs, only a handful of states, which does not include Florida, allows it.

We put a question on the WINK News Facebook page, if there are enough women running for office and asked you for your opinion. Thirteen percent said “yes” and 87% responded, “no.” Sheryl Jones said, “absolutely not” while Diane Seagle explained, “she sees no problem.” Childcare seems to be a big issue as we begin the year 2020.

Angie Lyng, a mother of three, said women should not be using campaign funds to pay for childcare.

“I think they should come from a private sector that they should use,” Lyng said.

Lyng told WINK that she understands the struggles of working and taking care of young children, but professionals in some other industries do not have the luxury to have their childcare paid for by the public.

“I think nurses and physicians work long hours and don’t have that same opportunity,” Lyng said.

With the high price of childcare, Dave and Judy McStott said that should not dissuade mothers from getting into politics. A college student, Casey Drovdlic, told us she does not agree with the McScotts, saying “that’s what your own salary goes towards. But he acknowledges the importance of the topic.

“It’s important to talk about, especially for politicians,” Drovdlic said. “People feel a close tie to them and like to know what they use their money with.”

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