SWFL businesses must have a permit to sell CBD-infused foods

For the first time, there are new regulations for a marijuana derivative you can find all over Southwest Florida: CBD.

CBD is one of many products the Seed and Bean Cafe sells. The permit covers food, drinks and anything else that a person can consume. Businesses must have the permit starting Wednesday morning. Without the permit, a business could be hit with a hefty fine of around $5,000, according to the Florida Retail Federation.

The owner of the cafe, Cole Peacock, said this permit is huge for safety. Peaock said business owners, like himself, need to be diligent in making sure they know where their product comes from and who is buying it. The cafe plans to take additional steps to make sure what it is selling is safe.

“Here we make sure that everything has been tested three times and then we spa test as well,” Peacock said. “So when a consumer purchases it, they know exactly what they’re getting.”

Reporter:Nicole Lauren
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