People in SWFL gear up for the new year with 2020 resolutions

2020 is just days away and many people are gearing up for their New Year’s resolutions.

So what’s the best way to tackle them and stick to your goals?

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is losing weight and pretty soon, hopeful goal-setters will pack the gyms.

Some personal trainers we talked to said to succeed in your New Year’s resolution, you have to have a realistic game plan.

Others say it’s more about what you pick for your resolution to begin with.

New year, new me is a phrase inspiring many as 2019 comes to an end.

“I was thinking of maybe making a few new friends,” said Natasha Farrell of Fort Myers.

“To keep doing good at school, get all my grades; it’s like a goal you’re setting for yourself,” said Marlon Bringas of Fort Myers.

Some, like Connie Bracco, already have their goal for 2020 picked out.

”We moved down here this year and so I let myself go,” she said. Her goal is to get back in shape.

Others, like Connie’s husband Mike, don’t see a reason for a resolution when studies show around 80% of people are bound to fail.

“New Year’s resolutions seem to be the easiest thing to break and never go along with,” he said.

Experts say one of the best ways to succeed is to have a weekly or monthly plan. They also recommend setting more attainable goals like Luke Duby whose goals are to hunt a buck or maybe get a touchdown in football.

Writing out your resolution or sharing it with friends or family may also help motivate you to follow through.

“It helps you get through the year with, like, your goals and stuff and can set you up for the year,” Duby said.

But some aren’t waiting for New Year’s Day to make a change.

”If you really want to set one,” said one goal setter, “then you can set one any time of the year.”

Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
Writer:Briana Harvath
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