(Credit: SWFL Eagle Cam)
(Credit: SWFL Eagle Cam)

Odds are unlikely for Harriet and M15’s Egg No. 2 to hatch

A little eaglet that never was.

We have come upon the 40th day of incubation for Egg No. 2 without a hatch, leaving its odds of life unlikely. The news has people in Southwest Florida and around the world collectively despondent Thursday evening.

According to the SWFL Eagle Cam, “the odds of a viable hatch are now small and unlikely at the time.” This is only the second “unviable egg” for Harriet the Eagle and her feathery companion, M15, in the cam history.

Some people on Twitter were devastated.

While others chose to stay positive for the beautiful eaglet, E14, we now have in our lives.

The 40th day of incubation comes as last Friday, Harriet and M15 gave birth to E14. He was the first eaglet born to the pair this year.

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