BABY EAGLET! The first of two eagle eggs have hatched at North Fort Myers nest

Pip, pip, hooray! A tiny eaglet just hatched from its shell.

E14 hatched from the egg while Harriet the Eagle was sitting along its side.

You can watch live from the nest in North Fort Myers, home to Southwest Florida’s celebrity couple, Harriet and her partner, M-15. They’re taking turns warming their eggs.

We spoke with some eager fans at the nest.

Thousands of people across the country have an eyeful watch on the nest.

Harriet and M-15 will, once again, be parents of two eaglets and the crack in one of the eggs drew many to the nest.

“I am so excited to be here because we’re on pip watch!” said Marjie Herman, who lives in Bonita Springs. “There’s nothing like it in the world.”

Herman and her husband Frank typically watch the live stream of the eagle nest from their phones, but Wednesday, they drove over to Pritchett Farms to see it first-hand.

“I said today’s the day I don’t care if it rains I have to be here,” said Marjie.

“You don’t have opportunities like this to see something on camera and Marjie’s kind of glued to her phone watching every day what’s going on in the nest,” said Frank.

The founder of the eagle cam, Virginia Pritchett McSpadden, calls the cams a great conversation starter and loves that so many people watch and learn about the eagles.

“Just that whole feeling of knowing that it’s nature and that we have that opportunity to see it first-hand,” said McSpadden.

For now, we’re all on Hatch Watch hoping to see those eaglets emerge in the next few days.

Experts estimate that Harriet is in her late twenties and has laid more than 40 eggs in her lifetime.


Reporter:Dannielle Garcia
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