Naples man spreads awareness about bomb threat phone scam

A man in Collier County says he received a voicemail from a caller saying there were three explosive devices near him, and, if he didn’t pay, they would explode.

Police agencies nationwide say crooks want to scare callers into visiting a website designed to steal their personal information.

Graham Ginsberg in Naples is spreading the word about these kinds of scams Friday after he received bomb threats in a voicemail on his personal cell phone.

“I receive scam phone calls,” Amy Bannon said. “The IRS one I get all the time, but that’s really frightening.”

What the scam call said: “Twenty-one hours ago we placed three pocket-sized, explosive devices in three places around you, To stay alive, go to website.”

Ginsberg found this voicemail on his phone while out with his family in Naples.

“They are talking about bombs, and that is a threat,” Ginsberg said. “They are basically saying they’re going to blow me up.”

The caller tells people to login to a website that investigators say asks for personal information

“Oh, my god; that is disturbing,” Amy said. “That’s really terrifying. It is.”

When we called the number back, Florida City police answered. They told us they didn’t know about this voicemail, but they said crooks can sometimes use police agency numbers to trick victims into thinking the call is credible.

Law enforcement across the nation who are investigating the call are urging anyone who receives the message to call their local police department and report any caller ID information.

“The worst-case scenario is someone follows through and sends someone money,” Ginsberg said.

Ginsberg didn’t fall for it.

“Yeah, I didn’t blow up,” Ginsberg said.

But he wants to warn others it’s out there.

“It’s threatening the person,” Christopher Bannon said. “It’s not just saying, ‘This is the he IRS.’ It’s threatening the person and putting them in danger.”

Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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