Christa McAuliffe Elementary to be renamed Oasis Elementary North

Published: December 5, 2019 11:43 AM EST
Updated: December 5, 2019 7:23 PM EST

There have been new developments for the Christa McAuliffe elementary school in Cape Coral.

The school district approved renaming the school to Oasis Elementary North, next school year.

Some people were not happy with the decision to remove the name of McAuliffe, who was America’s Teacher in Space.

We first told you about the potential name change in November, and many viewers posted on our Facebook page that they preferred the name to stay the same.

Despite the opposition, it looks like the charter school is going forward with the plan.

The superintendent sent a letter to parents on Tuesday announcing the name change next year. The current Oasis Elementary will now be called Oasis Elementary South.

The purpose is to unify the schools under one name and promote the Oasis branding.

When we last spoke to Cape Coral charter school superintendent, she told us regardless of the branding change, they want to keep McAuliffe’s legacy alive.

“Our logo, our mascot is still going to be the explorer. All the mementos of Christa McAuliffe is still going to remain. They’re on the walls. They’re in the cafeteria. Her picture hangs in the front office. All of that was always going to remain,” said Superintendent, Jacquelin Collins.