Coast Guard rescues boat captain from attack off Marco Island

The U.S. Coast Guard is out searching for an empty fishing boat that was last seen around 70 miles off Marco Island. The captain of that missing boat was allegedly attacked on Monday by a crew member wielding a “blunt object.”

Members of the Coast Guard left their Fort Myers Beach station before 11 a.m. on Tuesday. Their mission was to find that missing boat: The Road Runner.

James Glover told WINK News that he owns the boat. The captain of the boat sent him word on Monday there was trouble on board. Soon afterward, the Coast Guard boarded the vessel and rescued him, but left behind the boat.

“He was having issues with the mate, acting up and incoherent,” Glover said. “He said he was hit from behind with a blunt object.”

The mate, according to Glover, was the person who attacked the captain. Glover told us that the captain is relatively new to his boating business, which is based in Tampa but also operates in Southwest Florida.

“They said they had a cutter out there and they were boarding up the vessel and taking the girl off the boat who was driving east towards Fort Myers,” Glover said the Coast Guard told him. “They said she was incoherent and talking uncontrollably and making no sense.”

The Coast Guard is now in charge of the investigation and the search for the Road Runner. Glover said the Coast Guard told him the vessel was loose in the ocean and it was drifting away. Now, all Glover wants is to secure his boat before it becomes lost at sea or takes on severe damages from the elements.

“We’ve got a boat floating out in the middle of the ocean with some lights on and who knows how long the batteries will stay on to run the lights and bilge pump’s to keep it from sinking,” Glover said.

If they find the Road Runner, the Coast Guard said it would bring the vessel back to Fort Myers Beach. So far, there is no sign of the missing boat. Notably, on Tuesday afternoon, there was no sign of Glover, who said he would be at Fort Myers Beach, waiting with the hope that his boat will be returned in one piece.

Reporter:Janae Muchmore
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