Shoppers say Black Friday has not been as ‘cutthroat’ this year

As the sun sets on the busiest shopping day of the year, stores in Southwest Florida are still seeing a steady flow of shoppers despite a slow start this morning.

As of Friday evening, the parking lots were still full, but the atmosphere was relaxed. The intensity of getting those doorbuster deals had ended.

Lots of items were still on the shelves and lines are looking good.

Some shoppers told us the things they did to beat the Black Friday rush.

“I don’t know, but we were just trying to find it quick,” said second grade shopper, Anthony Hughes.

Others slowed it down. “We just got here at like, 10:30, 11,” said Page Field shopper Linda Hodges.

People told us the crowds just weren’t as cutthroat this year.

“Traffic’s not real bad, crowds not real bad,” said Hodges.

“Not that busy, that busy for Black Friday,” said Myia Weizmann.

Some shoppers said they’re grabbing what they need in stores, then preparing for Cyber Monday.

“I don’t need to drive from one place to another,” said Lucia Garcia who was shopping at the Edison Mall.

But in stores, the big box items were the first to go.

“We got one of those iRobots that roll around on the floor, I’m going to get a TV; the biggies,” said Marcia Arrendale.

You get at least one more day of in-store discounts, though. Southwest Florida shops like Market Earth in downtown Fort Myers are offering bargains on Saturday.

“Small Business Saturday, for us, is kind of like a retail Super Bowl. That is truly our number one day of the year, especially here in Fort Myers,” said Owner of Market Earth, Karen Allegretti.

We also got the scoop from some Best Buy pros. It seems like common sense, but if you plan to pick up a TV, bring a big car!

Don’t have one? Something like Uber XL works too. Those new TV panels are so thin, even a bump on your way home can ruin your new buy!

Reporter:Anika Henanger
Writer:Briana Harvath
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