Buyer beware: Thieves could steal your packages just by knowing your name

A warning for shoppers who will buy items online: Thieves could steal your packages just by knowing your name.

A Lehigh woman went to pick up her new computer at the UPS drop-off location but says someone beat her to it.

CVS is a UPS dropoff location, but that didn’t stop two thieves from getting away with a brand new computer meant for this woman’s family.

“It took us by surprise that this would happen,” said Susana.

She said when UPS came to the family home, no one was there, so they left a notice telling them to go to a CVS in Lehigh.

When Susana and her family came to pick up the computer, they discovered someone else had already claimed it. She said somehow, the thieves knew her sister’s name.

“When she came and she was told that she already picked it up and she said it couldn’t be her because she never came,” said Susana.

A CVS employee checked the surveillance video.

“He showed her a video of who came to pick it up and by her surprise, there were two men, two men that just showed up at the register,” said Susana. She said her sister had no idea who they were.

A CVS spokesperson confirmed the company is working with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office to find the two men responsible, but they won’t release the surveillance video just yet.

“They show up without wearing masks, no anything like normal people shopping, buying things,” said Susana.

The family said CVS has agreed to either replace the computer or pay her what they paid for it.

If something like this happened to you, contact law enforcement immediately.

Reporter:Michelle Mackonochie
Writer:Briana Harvath
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