Mark Sievers trial: State tries to connect all evidence to Sievers: Day 5

Prosecutors in the Mark Sievers trial now face a new challenge, they must connect all of the evidence in the case to Sievers.

A lot of Monday’s testimony surrounded Jimmy Rodgers and Curtis Wayne Wright, the two who killed Mark Sievers’ wife, Teresa.

Prosecutors showed the blue jumpsuits worn during the murder and surveillance video of both of them in a Lee County Walmart.

They also showed the text messages from Rodgers to his then-boss, saying he was in Florida the day Teresa Sievers died.

Court resumes Tuesday morning at 8:30 a.m.


WARNING: This video may include graphic content that may be disturbing to some viewers.  NOTE: During a court recess, you will see a state of Florida seal.

The fifth day of testimony for the Mark Sievers trial began with Jerry Lubinski, who met Curtis Wayne Wright at church in Missouri. Wright did some computer work for his business and they became friends.

Lubinski loaned Wright his Garmin GPS. A Garmin GPS was recovered from Wright’s car during a search warrant.

The state is now showing the jury surveillance video that shows Jimmy Rodgers and Wayne Wright walking in and out of the gas station in Bushnell. During Rodgers’ trial, the state said investigators used the GPS data to track their route after they killed Dr. Sievers.

Quick questioning for a lieutenant with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. He was tasked with going to several businesses and gas stations from Ocala to Gainesville to get surveillance video. He testified getting the video from the Racetrac in Brooksville.

The state called Michael Lacombe to the stand. Lacombe another digital forensic examiner with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. He also helped analyze data from the Garmin GPS.

Court wraps up for the day as there are no more witnesses to hear testimony from. Judge Kyle is sending the jury home and expects tomorrow to be another early day.

The state has 5 more witnesses, which will all take the stand on Sunday.

The defense could begin presenting their case on Tuesday with plans to call Curtis Wayne Wright as well as several other witnesses to take the stand.



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