Naples man searching for stolen boat

Rob Mauceli has kept his boat “The Luca Brasi” at the same marina for almost five years. So imagine his surprise when he found his boat stolen out of the blue.

“At first you don’t feel like it’s reality and then next thing you know, it is a reality,” said Mauceli.

He says his neighbor was sleeping on the boat nearby when he heard a noise.

“They got on the boat and about five minutes later he heard the engine start and the boat pull away,” he said.

He says his neighbor didn’t think anything of it until Mauceli reported it missing. He says cases like this aren’t uncommon. Electronics and equipment have been stolen off of boats at this marina in the past.

“Obviously, people make a living doing it,” he said.

Mauceli believes his boat may be taken apart and sold so the thieves can’t be traced.

“A lot of times what people do with these boats is they’re gonna take it over to a warehouse—they’re not really looking to use the boat— they come down and sell them piece by piece,” said Mauceli.

For now, he’s doing everything he can in hopes that someone out there knows something.

The Naples Police Department tells us they’ve had no similar incidents.

Mauceli has put a post on Facebook describing more details about the boat, including what was stollen with it.

If you have any information on where the boat could be, Mauceli asks you to contact him through that post.

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
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