Gov. DeSantis working with President Trump to bring cheaper meds to Florida

On Monday, Governor DeSantis spoke to seniors in The Villages about an update on his idea to import Rx drugs from Canada to save Floridians money.

Gov. DeSantis recently talked with President Trump about the progress being made to get this idea approved at the federal level.

President Trump tweeted an update on the progress being made to make this happen as well.

“Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar and I will soon release a plan to let Florida and other states import prescription drugs that are much cheaper than what we have now,” Trump said via Twitter.

The organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says the United States spent $1,162 per person on drugs in 2015, compared to $756 for Canada.

This is largely because the Canadian government negotiates for lower drug prices with pharmaceuticals.

The downside to that, is some drugs aren’t available there at all.

“I think over the longer term, it’s not necessarily going to be an effective solution,” said Florida Gulf Coast University professor, Dr. Victor Claar.

Dr. Claar has a different opinion on what we should do.

“If we had a framework where people could enter the market more easily, I think over time that would have a big effect on some drugs. Not all of them, but definitely on some,” Dr. Claar said.

But until then, people like Maryann Herbert, who suffers from MS and regularly needs medicine, hopes the governor and the president can strike a deal.

“Please do! Try your hardest, you’ll make a lot of people happy,” Herbert said.


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