New details in Naples hit-and-run crash involving teenage suspect

A teenage driver is accused of hitting a woman and leaving her for dead in a ditch. Now, a newly released arrest report states the teenager’s father may have helped him cover up the hit-and-run.

Regina Cole rents out her home to Susan Canter. She recalls that terrible knock she got one August morning when a landscaper found her tenant and friend fighting for her life.

“I couldn’t really grasp what all he was trying to tell me,” Cole said. “But he was telling me a little lady that lives here. I was like, ‘wow, that’s Sue!'”

The suspect, Louis Lacivita, 17, faces a hit-and-run charge. The arrest report states the teenager hit Canter in his Ford F150. He then stopped to pick up his broken headlight and drove off to school. A Barron Collier High School Surveillance captured him, pulling in with damages. But the report shows he told friends that he got hit in the parking lot.

“She’s happy that she survived,” Cole said. “She doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him. She such a forgiving person and it’s wonderful to be like that it would take me a long time to forgive, I think being in the shape that she was in.”

Later on, the report said the suspect got his dad involved and used friends’ online accounts to purchase a replacement light that was damaged by the hit-and-run. Then, he took the truck to his cousin’s home to hide it from the police.

Knowing what Canter has gone through, Cole said it is time for the law to hold the right people accountable.

“I just feel that the right thing he should have done was stop or else go home, tell daddy or whoever,” Cole said. “Not keep going.”

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