Sidewalk projects approved to add safety near two Fort Myers elementary schools

Many would agree the cost of keeping children safe is priceless.

We learned Monday Fort Myers taxpayer dollars will go toward new sidewalks near two schools — Allen Park Elementary School and Ray Pottorf Elementary School.

Along parts of Sunset Road and Moreno Avenue, kids will no longer have to walk near traffic on their way to Allen Park Elementary.

“That’s dangerous, you know, for little kids,” parent Sonia Chavez said.

Parents and neighbors said they regularly see kids walking in the roadway, sometimes standing in the road waiting for their buses.

Fort Myers City Council members backed the plan to add sidewalks in August. Council approved the plans with the contractor Monday and finalized the budget for the project.

“It’s been ongoing since I’ve been here in the four years,” neighbor Sarah Faulkner said. “But it does seem to be getting worse.”

The project also includes plans to add sidewalks leading to Ray Pottorf Elementary.

City council members said there are also plans in the works to add sidewalks near Fort Myers Middle School. The projects are funded by both taxpayers and FDOT. There is no word yet when construction will begin.

Most people nearby say they’re thankful for what the city is doing. But they say some issues will not be fixed by this project, including speeding cars.

“Something needs to be looked at,” Faulkner said. “But, more importantly, is that we as individuals just not be in as big of a hurry.”

Reporter:Justin Kase
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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