Cape Coral police investigating reports of neighbor exposing himself to kids

Last Tuesday, Cape Coral Police Department responded to the report of a disturbance in a Cape Coral neighborhood regarding an adult male accused of exposing himself to kids multiple times.

According to the CCPD report, the neighbor has walked out to a nearby bus stop and exposed himself to a juvenile several times over the last week.

Police were also told this neighbor has exposed himself to kids from the doorway at his home and called out to kids in view.

Other witnesses told police they have overheard similar incidents, and neighbors say something needs to be done to make the neighborhood safe for kids.

“He needs to go. We got school bus stops up and down the street here,” neighbor Mark Shanika said. “Little girls walk. There are 7-Elevens; there are Winn-Dixies; there are things up and down the street. This is a main thoroughfare.”

A responding officer attempted to make contact with the neighbor, but the officer said he refused to answer the door.

CCPD said it will be monitoring the bus stops where the suspect reportedly exposed himself to kids for the next two weeks between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

The neighbor who made the report to police said they wish to press charges against the accused neighbor.

“We got a school bus right across the street,” Shanika said. “Women can’t. They have to take their children in cars. They used to walk freely up and down the streets. Women have to wait and sit with their kids because of this gentleman.”

Torie Breccia told WINK News that the man also frightens her. She fears what the person may do next.

“It’s really aggravating me that the cops aren’t doing nothing about it that they’re not saying anything about it,” Breccia said. “There’s little girls out there that are scared to even get off their bus.”

Reporter:Justin Kase
Dannielle Garcia
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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