Service dog shot, killed by Okeechobee police officer. (CBS Miami)

Okeechobee police officer shot, killed service dog

A Florida police officer assisting in helping a man who was having a seizure was forced to shoot the man’s service dog after it tried to bite him.

The shooting happened on Monday night.

Okeechobee police say two officers approached Larry Massey suffering from medical issues on the side of a road. They recognized Massey and were familiar with his medical history.

While one officer helped the Massey, his service dog Butch began to lunge and bite at the other officer. At one point it grabbed his right pant leg with his teeth and tore his pants.

Police say the officer pushed the dog away several times before it went for his face, prompting the officer to shoot the dog once. The animal died while being taken to a veterinarian.

Authorities say the 60-pound mixed-breed dog wasn’t wearing a service vest.

Investigators say an independent eyewitness supported the officer’s account.

Author: CBS Miami
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