Tragic loss of a 3-year-old inspires while his organ donation saves lives

Just last year, Eileen and Jim Gabrick lost their 3-year-old son Kamden after a tragic choking accident.

They donated his organs in hopes that it would help save someone else’s life – a tough decision for any family to make.

Eileen Gabrick, Kamden’s mom, said he was her “sweet pickle. He was the best kid and I know every mom says that, but truly the fact that this kid is still making an impact 14 months later, it’s just an honor.”

Kamden has already saved two lives with his organs.

Donor organization LifeLink is thanking them in return. Tuesday, they unveiled a portrait of the toddler.

Kamden Gabrick. (Credit: LifeLink)

“The actual floragraph is essentially a floral photo that represents a photo of Kamden,” said Betsy Edwards, with LifeLink. “The floragraph shown here today is as it will ride on the Donate Life Float on New Year’s Day in Pasadena for the Rose Parade.”

His will be one of 50 other portraits of donors who have helped save lives, but it’s not just LifeLink that was touched by Kamden’s story.

Following his death, those at Golisano Children’s Hospital flew a flag in tribute to him.

Armando Llechu, with Golisano Children’s Services, said the family was so moved by the service that “they rallied together and raised the funds to have the flag pole out in front of Golisano.” When the children’s hospital was built it didn’t have its own.

And whether at the children’s hospital or in Pasadena, California, the Gabrick’s will be carrying Kam in their hearts.

“We’ll be in the stands waiting for his face to go by,” his mother said. “Just the fact that we’ll be there and we’ll get to help decorate the float and the roses that our family has donated – we’ll get to place those roses on the float – it’s just an honor.”


Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Derrick Shaw
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