Sievers’ next-door neighbor believes husband responsible for wife’s death

When the trial for Mark Sievers starts, one group will watch with a unique perspective — the neighbors.

Mark and Teresa Sievers’ next-door neighbor, Kimberley Torres, told us about some of the odd things she saw and heard before Teresa was murdered.

“I just had a really bad vibe about him,” Torres said.

Torres said she got to know the Sievers family pretty well from the first day she moved to the neighborhood in Bonita Springs.

“When I came out of one of the bedrooms, Mark was standing at the end of the hallway, and I was by myself,” Torres said. “In the house and just standing there and looking down the hallway.”

Torres thought that was a little strange, but she said he had an explanation.

“’Oh, I came to bring you some keys and, you know, for the back doors and for the shed,’” Torres recalled Mark explaining to her.

This made at least some sense to Torres because she and her husband bought their home from the Sievers, who had built their new home next-door.

But Torres said these types of encounters continued to happen.

“I told my husband there’s somebody outside, and he looked out the window,” Torres said. “And it was Mark.”

Torres showed us where in their front yard she and her husband witnessed Mark. She told us he would stand and watch — not once or twice — continuously.

“And I could see him perfect,” Torres said.

A year before Teresa’s murder, Torres said Mark began arguing with his wife, and it was audible for Torres to hear.

“It just seemed to get louder and louder,” Torres said.

After Teresa was murdered in her home in June 2015, one thing became certain for Torres about what she suspected of Mark.

“The first thing, the very first thing that went through my mind was he killed his wife and kids,” torres said.

Thankfully, the Sievers’ children were not home when their mother was beaten to death.

But Torres said things went from strange to outright bizarre following Teresa’s death.

“One day, he would be like this overprotective father,” Torres said. “But, then yet the next day, he would have the two little girls on top of the roof playing card games.”

Torres told us about the day the Mark showed up right outside her bedroom window.

The gate next to the Torres’ home can’t be opened from the outside. So, to get in, Mark would’ve come around through a gate, a screened walkway and across the back patio to their home.

“He was standing right there,” Torres said. “And they had mentioned, one of the investigators, that maybe he wanted to see what you could see from this side.”

Which piqued our curiosity. What can be seen from beyond the gate in the back of Torres’ home is the garage door that was supposedly broken into at the Sievers’ home. And that was one of the first theories of what happened the night Teresa was murdered. But nothing was taken from their home.

“There was no doubt in my mind that he did it,” Torres said.

Reporter:Chris Cifatte
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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