Good Samaritan helps deputies arrest Lago Del Sol shooter by tackling him first

He heard it before he saw it.

“I didn’t hear the gunshot go off exactly. I just heard a lot of commotion,” said a Good Samaritan who wished to remain anonymous.

That commotion was sparked by a shooting at his apartment complex, Lago Del Sol, which is located off of Gladioulous and McGregor.

What he saw, he couldn’t ignore.

“Kids were running, so, first thing that came to mind was, you know, help. I grab my roommate, we follow the suspect and we tackled them down until the cops got here,” he said.

When he and his roommate jumped into action, they didn’t know about the shooting or that the man had a gun. They just saw the woman covered in blood and those kids.

“My first initiative was to help, you know, the kids’ needs and then once we helped, we saw the mother was all bloody,” he said.

The man told us he and his roommate just jumped without thinking and tackled the man. Only after they got him on the ground did they discover he had a gun.

Thanks to this brave man, deputies arrested 41-year-old Bacillio Zolo. But this neighbor, Good Samaritan, hero or whatever you want to call him, wonders what started it all.

“Once we got him, he seemed perfectly fine. He was saying it was a mistake, it was an accident, but I’m looking at him like no, that’s not an accident like, like, come on bro, you just shot somebody. You’ve got, like, six kids right here in front of you,” he said.

And what he realizes now is that his jump might have stopped something much worse from happening to that family running for their lives.

“Yeah, I have a mother too, you know? There were a lot of kids here. I could see there’s lotta kids, you know? I got kids myself,” he said.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has not released an arrest report for Zolo at this time. However, we do know that Zolo lives in the apartment complex and is facing Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon charges.

Reporter:Breana Ross
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