2020 presidential election one year away, poll says voters are anxious

The 2020 presidential election is one year away, and we wanted to know what voters in Southwest Florida are thinking.

Voters are 365 days away from the presidential election Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020. Some voters we spoke to Monday say they are anxious, and a new poll also confirms there is much voter anticipation a year away from the election.

“I’m very anxious about the election coming up,” said Frank Salatti in Fort Myers. “And you know it couldn’t come up fast enough.”

A poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs reveals voters are feeling anxious ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

“Well, I am a little anxious,” said Dean Hamilton in Fort Myers. “I would like to see some numbers go up and down in terms of percentages.”

Voters in Southwest Florida did say they are starting to look forward to the election despite anxious emotions.

“I’m not very nervous,” said Spencer Morton in Fort Myers. “I think it’s exciting. It’s always a good time for change and stuff like that.”

Still, anxiety is high among voters who favor both parties. Sixty-seven percent of Democrats and 45 percent of Republicans said the 2020 presidential election already has them on edge.

“It’s a lot of weight or a lot of like pressure because this is like big,” said Mykal Josie in Estero. “My vote is gonna like change the world.”

According to the poll, voters are also frustrated.

Josie, a Democratic voter, told us she is upset with her generation.

“Last election, people kind of voted as a joke,” Josie said. “And I kind of feel like that kind of screwed us over.”

The poll also found that no Democratic candidate has a large gap between favorable and unfavorable ratings.

For example, former Vice President Joe Biden’s favorable rating is 44 percent, but his unfavorable rating is 42 percent.

President Donald Trump’s favorable rating is 40 percent, and his unfavorable rating is 55 percent.

Republican Frank Sallati said there doesn’t seem to be anyone who can rise above all the shouting.

“I’m frustrated with the two parties,” Sallati said. “The fact that they can’t seem to work together.”

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Reporter:Morgan Rynor
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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