Suspect charged with second-degree murder in the death of 15-year-old Khyler Edman

The suspect in the death of Khyler Edman, 15, has been charged with murder. Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell held a news conference on Thursday regarding the death investigation.

Edman was killed while protecting his younger sister during an armed robbery in September. His family, friends, and community all regard him as a hero.

Ryan Clayton Cole, 27

Ryan Clayton Cole, 27, was arrested on burglary charges on Sept. 26 and named as a suspect in Khyler’s death.

Thursday, CCSO announced, after spending five weeks collecting and analyzing evidence, Cole has now been charged with second-degree murder.

“Time was on our side. So we were able to build a stronger case and get much of our evidence process,” he said.

Prummell says they were building a strong case with the State Attorney’s office gathering evidence, including a neighbor’s home surveillance video.

The video was captured outside of Khyler’s home on Sept. 26 and it could help detectives with their investigation.

It shows someone walking in front of the home and onto the front yard at 4:16 p.m., just minutes after deputies received a call of a suspicious person in the area.

Less than 10 minutes later, that same camera captured a shirtless man running in front of the house, which deputies believe was randomly chosen for the crim.

“There’s nothing we’ve been able to identify as to why he chose that house,” said Purmmell.

Cole remains at the Charlotte County jail. He has been in custody since the day of the burglary.

Prummell says they have found no connection to the family.

“He was in our custody. We knew he wasn’t going anywhere. If by chance he was getting out, we were prepared to charge him,” said Prummell.

Detectives are working with the State Attorney’s Office evaluating evidence, which could impact Cole’s charges in the future.

“The State can always move forward on additional charges or different charges,” said Prummell.

Cole is getting ready for his first appearance. He’s due back in court Monday for a different burglary charge from the same day.

As for the family, they are happy to finally have more answers to their many questions and are one step closer to finding closure.

“I don’t even like to say his name,” cried Khyler’s grandmother, Rebecca English, referring to Cole.

Reporter:Erika Jackson
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