Florida school district is suing Juul to combat youth vaping

Vaping is a growing epidemic around the country.

This year so far, the CDC says there have been 34 deaths related to vaping and over 1,600 vaping-related illnesses.

Now, Palm Beach County schools may sue Juul Labs Incorporated, all in an effort to combat youth vaping.

Attorney Spencer Kuvin represented Florida against Big Tobacco in the 90’s.

“The only good thing right now about the Juul litigation and the potential for Juul litigation is that it didn’t take 50 years for the industry and for people to realize the bad that this particular industry is causing,” he said.

Districts in our area haven’t explored anything yet, but Lee County Schools says they have been approached by the same law firm as Palm Beach County.

Collier County Schools say they are aware of the possibility of a class-action lawsuit, but it’s not something they’re considering joining at this time.

This meeting was just to discuss the opportunity. There will be no decisions on Wednesday.

Now, if the school district receives a settlement form Juul, 75% of that money would go to the school district and 25% would go to the law firms.

Reporter:Michelle Mackonochie
Writer:Briana Harvath
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