Child has injuries after she was hit by car at her Lehigh Acres bus stop

A child is recovering after she was hit by a car on Wednesday afternoon at a Lehigh Acres school bus stop. The families who live nearby said something needs to be done about the drivers who speed down their street.

Shannon Loera was cleaning out her car around 4:00 p.m. when there was a concerning noise. “I heard the bus honking and then a little, “aaahhh,” you know?” she said. “Wasn’t sure exactly what was going on.”

Loera told WINK News there were multiple vehicles at the intersection of Richmond Ave. and Windermere Dr., including a school bus. Loera was expecting her nephew any minute. “EMS and all this stuff started showing up,” she said. “And I was like, ‘my nephew… where’s my nephew?'”

Loera said her nephew arrived shortly afterward. But others in the neighborhood, including Abigail White, are hoping the crash shines a light on how dangerous it can be at the intersection. “Kids are standing around,” she said. “Even when I leave for work in the morning when I leave for work, they’re standing in the road.”

Since White worries about the safety of her four young children, she waits for them each day at the bus stop. White hopes the crash will bring changes that will make these roads safer for kids, such as picnic tables where kids can sit like in other areas. “And they don’t really have speed limit signs either,” White said.

Reporter:Justin Kase
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