People in south Fort Myers on the lookout for suspect throwing objects at people, cars

Is somebody throwing hard objects at cars and people?

Isabella Meninger, 14, and her brother Jordon say they think it was a can that flew at her while she was riding her bike.

It’s the fourth case we’ve heard of so far on the same road in Lee County. They have all happened within blocks of each other along Winkler Road.

“We went on a casual bike ride as normal, like we normally do, and out of nowhere we got hit by something,” said Isabella as she burst into tears.

That something was a full Yoo-Hoo can. It just missed hitting her body but slammed into her bike.

“You can seriously kill someone. You could have seriously hurt her that day! Why are we doing it,” asked Jordon.

Once he made sure his sister was okay, he chased after the truck, “yelling and shouting, I’m like, ‘Hey! Hey! Hey, come back!’ like throw it at me!”

Others like John Scherer say they were also hit by an object while driving down Winkler around the same time.

“It sounded more like a gunshot. That’s how loud it was,” said Sherer.

Now together, they are on the lookout for the suspect they believe is driving a 2014 white Ford F-150.

“Black rims, mud tires, about 2-3 inches height off the ground. You’re stuck in my head dude. I’ll see you,” said Jordon.

And Isabella has her own message for the people that hurt her. “Next time, just don’t purposefully hit someone. Don’t throw it, leave it in your car until you get somewhere and can throw it away.”

We reached out to LCSO to see what they are doing to catch the suspects, but we have yet to hear back.

We did confirm with the Cape Coral Police Department that throwing an object at a moving vehicle, even if it is just an egg, is a felony.

“It can be dangerous if someone throws an object at the car, whether it hits the driver and injures them or obscures their vision, either by you know a substance on the windshield cracking the windshield, or simply just startling them they could wind up in a crash,” said Phil Mullen with CCPD.

It’s the same charge you would get for firing gunshots off into a house.

“I believe a second degree could be 15 years in prison potentially,” said Mullen.

Reporter:Morgan Rynor
Writer:Briana Harvath
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