Drivers upset about objects thrown at their cars in south Fort Myers

Published: October 28, 2019 11:36 PM EDT
Updated: October 29, 2019 8:06 AM EDT

Drivers are confused and upset about someone who threw objects at their cars, leaving large dents.

Drivers along Winkler Road in south Fort Myers have large dents in their cars after they were hit by flying objects recently.

”I don’t know what possessed people to do something like this,” John Scherer said,

Scherer can’t figure out what was thrown at his car on Winkler. But, whatever it was, it left a large dent on the hood of his car just below the windshield.

”This is like $2,500,” Scherer said. “Come on. Really?”

Scherer’s cousin Donna Avila was in the passenger seat when the mystery object came flying at them.

“Hit the hood. It bounced off of the hood. It hit the windshield,” Avila said. “And it ricocheted to the side of the car.”

”It sounded more like a gunshot,” Scherer said. “That’s how loud it was.”

The two say someone in a pickup truck near Sunset Vista Drive threw the object at their car.

“Somebody like that, they shouldn’t be on the road,” said.

And just a few blocks down Winkler, another driver said her windshield is shattered after something was thrown at her car.

Neither driver were able to see the license plate number a white Ford F-150. But everyone involved hopes whoever threw the objects is caught.

“I mean that could have killed us,” Avila said.