Collier County DAS cancels low-cost program to vaccinate, microchip pets

Collier County Domestic Animal Services will not offer its low-cost program to vaccinate and microchip pets. Now, having those services done will be significantly more expensive.

A veterinarian leaving unexpectedly has many dog owners wondering where they will go. “It sounds to me we need to get another vet,” Bill Weir said. “I would say we need more than one. We need multiple vets.”

Pet owners, like Bill Moss, relied on these low-cost services to help them make ends meet while taking care of furry friends. “You know, it costs a fair amount of money to get vaccinations,” he said, “and you have to go to many visits.”

Pet owners WINK News spoke to expressed how important it is for pets to get vaccinations and microchips.

“Vaccinations are essential,” Don Stevens said. “Especially if you are bringing dogs to the dog park, so we can keep the animal population healthy.”

“If you don’t have your dog microchipped and it happens to get out,” Weir said, “how are you going to track your dog down?”

And these pet owners are worried about the other dogs who have not been adopted yet.

Domestic animal services said they want to bring the services back and they are searching for a veterinarian replacement.

Reporter:Taylor Smith
Writer:Michael Mora
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