Cape Coral Charter School Security Measures

New grant would allow specialized training for all school resource officers in Cape Coral

To add another layer of protection to your children when they are at school, Cape Coral will accept a $120,000 grant to increase protection in all Cape schools.

If council approves the grant all school resource officers will go through special training.

The goal of this is detect school threats, and prevent them. Mayor Joe Coviello says he wants you to know the city is doing everything it can to keep your children safe.

“Absolutely, you know schools as we know what’s going on around the country. It’s okay that’s on our minds all the time…and anytime we can put in an additional level of security to help minimize that risk from happening, of course we want to take those steps,” said Coviello.

Coviello also says that if the grant passes through council, the police department will have a press conference on Tuesday about it.

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