S.R. 82 extension to Alico Road will ease traffic for Lehigh Acres commuters

Relief is on the way for the thousands of drivers stuck commuting in the construction congestion along State Road 82 as Lee County is buying land to connect S.R. 82 with Alico.

If you are one of the many drivers using that route, you have more than likely experienced back ups. Drivers say with more and more people moving out to areas like Lehigh Acres and Gateway, the problem is only getting worse.

“I’m used to traffic but this is probably a little worse than I expected…it is a lot coming out of Lehigh and going into Lehigh certain times a day it’s a stand still,” said Melissa Newton, who travels S.R. 82 often.

On Tuesday, the county will approve a plan to purchase the land where the road will go for $2.2-million.  This could take a lot of pressure off of S.R. 82 at a time when the population is growing quickly.

About 30,000 people have moved to Lehigh Acres in just the past 10 years. Local real estate agent says the area is booming right now because it is more affordable to buy land, build a home, or rent.

“Time went on and people started noticing the least expensive real estate opportunities out there.. so everyone tends to flock that way and then in turn the population started growing at least 4 percent a year for the last 15 years,” real estate agent, Erik Leitzes.

The department of transportation expects the expansion to start as a two lane drive, which they will eventually expand to 4 lanes.

Writer:Lincoln Saunders
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