Tropical Storm Nestor could bring more red tide on to the shores of SWFL beaches

The tropical system expecting to hit northern Florida will have some impacts right here in Southwest Florida.

With red tide impacting the marine life, the incoming storm could push more dead fish from out in the gulf on to the beaches of SWFL, which will add to the dead fish we are already experiencing from red tide.

Right now, the worst of the red tide is down in Naples, where the latest test results show high concentrations. Low levels have been reported in the water off of Bonita Springs, and moderate level on Fort Myers Beach.

For the last 2 weeks we have been experiencing that increased bloom, and the smell has pretty much stayed away thanks to winds blowing away from the shoreline, but that will change this weekend.

The winds will push that dead fish smell towards the shore, as well as bring more dead fish to the beach. Water could also rise, washing those dead fish further on to land.

Some more testing was done this week, and we are expecting to get those results back Friday afternoon.

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